SF/ Fall 2017

Oct./19 already.
Time is flying! Dang.
Last day in "The palace" - means, at the three bedroom in the Mission at Zoe and Erin's. Tomorrow I'll move to Oakland to stay at Jen's place. Snoops is coming to town tomorrow as well. Three weeks went by already. One more to come.
Here are some photographs of sketches I did recently - on spot. So many things happened... Scored a Banzai board at the Salvation Army store... Bargain...;)

Pushing For Pink yesterday, Oct./15!
Keep A Breast Foundation teamed up with DLXSF  - pushing for pink. Skateboarding for a good cause. Thank you SJ for making this all happen.
Started at Waller park with a stuff sale/ donations - then best trick contest. After that we pushed down Golden Gate Park, bombed all the way down to Ocean Beach. About 500 skateboarders. Nothing more to say. Epic!

Opening / Some first impressions. What a great night!

Oct/14 Opening of "CROSSED LINES" will be like in an hour...
The last few days were sooooo much culture and art. St.Monci and Erich are in town. So we went to a bunch of openings, saw a hand full of shows at least - and I'll only mention a few here.

We hung the show at Luna Rienne, I painted a shadow Berlin-SF mural inside the gallery and all in all had a good time - plus, a serious number of mexican food...
Opening soon - see you there tonite if you're around.

Here's some random bunch of pics:

Studio/ eat/ live/ work setup. Perfect

....me while painting the shadow mural... Two days ago

The front room. Silence before the storm...

Back room from backyard

The boys are in town: Me, Erich, St. Moci


Erich in love at RADIO HABANA

Pendelton Wall


INCLINE GALLERY Victims of police shootings...

Oct/11 already.
Brought my artworks over to the gallery. We'll probably start hanging tonight or tomorrow.
But first things first - my bike was stolen, yesterday. In front of the house - locked with two locks. Only left it outside, bcs we wanted to skate a little night session and therefore it was just sitting there for two hours - in front of the window even.
When we finally decided to be too lazy for skateboarding - the bike was gone! Fuck!
I was so angry and pissed and sad and down. After a while I decided to have a hunt/ walk through the neighborhood (it was nighttime already), to either punch someone if I'd catch the thief or just at least look for it... And there it was - a few doors down, hid in front of a basement door - in some dark corner. That idiot was to stupid to open the second lock and too lazy to carry that yellow 1972 SCHWINN road bike of mine. Good old steel frame... so I got it back! Lucky ME!

Besides from that I was drawing quite a lot. More than shown here. But a few examples. I love this time, when my mind finally arrived here and I just gio with the flow, meet friends, draw, go on bike rides and such!

Oct/9. Finally in some "chill-mode"
Did a lot of art stuff. Drawings in the garden - and had a little hummingbird right next to me.
Went to "Alley Cat Books" for a fundraiser show for Puerto Rico, Mexico and Cuba - where Zoe and I donated some art for the good cause.
Followed by meeting Matt again for a funny little collaboration/ art session and some night time skate-cruising around his block on market.
And then the next morning finally went skateboarding with Tim. We met at 7am (!) on Sunday to have the SoMa West skatepark just for us. Worked out and was more than worth it. Two old farts having fun on skateboards! We've been to Waller skatepark and for a little curb dork session down to Sunset as well. No pix - just fun... Loving it!
10 days yet.

Oct/6. First week down.
Met many peops and framed all my artworks for the show yesterday. I gotta admit - I'm very happy with the outcome. We'll be hanging the show next week (Wed/ Thurs) and the Openig will be October/ 14, 6 - 9pm. See the pics for flyers and info (also check www.lunarienne.com).

Went to the SF MOMA with Zoe and Erin and Cythia and Erins Auntie (forgot her name, sorry). Amazing, again and again. Can't get there often enough.
Been to an opening at "Book & Job" Gallery, met Carson and Nich there.
Met Tim and Jen again, had coffee with Matt and Gina... Hung out with a bunch of peops, had several bike rides, got a new setup at DLXSF yesterday for some old-men-dork-session to come and finally "arrived" after a week. Pure awesomeness and still three weeks to come.

I don't take this blog thing too serious this time. So here are some pics.

Oct/4 already.
Had some good and quite chilled couple of days. Thank goddess I am not sick anymore. Met quite a bunch of peops. Dominik again - with the whole gang at ZEITGEIST last night. Jen for dinner before, Tim, Lani for breakfast today. Much drawing, bike rides... Lazy times. I love it.

Sept/ 30 - Oct/01
Met my buddy Dominik (from Berlin) yesterday. Had a great bike ride through the city. Been showing him around; sketching, coffee, talks, Ratio 3 gallery, a little art supply shopping... bike ride, repeat...;) Good times.

Today I met Jen. Went to the beach for breakfast and a nice walk. Had good laughs and deep talks. So good to have true friends around.

...just arrived yesterday night. Long flight/ short night/ headaches and a runny nose... Gotta adjust first.